Why Westmont Hospitality Group?

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Owner and Operator
In the management and capital-intensive hotel industry, it is essential to have an operator who thinks like an owner. Westmont differentiates itself from conventional hotel management companies by taking an equity share in the majority of its investments. In general the company has both an ownership interest and operates its assets and is therefore fully aligned with its investment partners. Westmont also has ownership interests in a number of hotel assets which are managed by global brands. In these cases, Westmont has a supervisory role to ensure the ownership objectives are achieved.

Global Presence and Market Knowledge
Westmont has established itself in North America, Europe and Asia, which has provided the company with extensive knowledge of various local markets. This has proven to be a significant competitive advantage when underwriting hotel assets during the acquisition, repositioning, management and disposition processes. The knowledge acquired through actively working in these markets has been a major factor in determining the timing of Westmont's entry or exit from the various hotel markets.

Well-Developed Network allows a Creative Approach to Acquisitions
The company has long-standing relationships with major real estate investors, major hospitality lenders, investment houses, hotel companies, brokers and other intermediaries. These relationships have provided attractive joint-venture opportunities and are an important source of deal flow which allows for "off-market" opportunities. Westmont has also been involved in privatizations of public companies and purchasing distressed debt with the ultimate view to equity ownership.

Loyal Investor Base
Westmont has a strong and loyal investor base as a result of realizing consistently high returns in the various markets the company has invested in.