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Westmont has become one of the most active hotel investors worldwide and is continually monitoring hotel markets for potential investments. As a result of its current worldwide presence, Westmont has extensive market knowledge, excellent operational expertise and strong relationships with the world's largest hospitality lenders and advisors. This provides the company with a steady deal flow and a strong reputation in concluding both actively-marketed deals and off-market negotiated transactions.

The company will invest in an asset when it believes value can be created. Value creation is normally achieved by a combination of factors involving rebranding of the hotel, repositioning the product through capital expenditure and by improving the management and profitability. Although Westmont has franchise relationships with most major hotel brands, due to its impartiality, it is able to objectively determine the most appropriate brand for the situation that presents itself.

Westmont has invested in various types of hotels including limited service, extended stay, mid-market, boutique and luxury hotels, as well as upscale resorts.

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